Software for superposition of similar molecules/domains

Mark Israel misrael at
Sat Jan 14 17:44:02 EST 1995

In article <3f5lav$kee at>, dikay at (Kay Diederichs) writes:

> My program doesn't do least-squares superposition, but you can do that easily 
> in 'O',a fter defining a suitable unity matrix to start with by:

   You certainly don't need to buy an O licence just for this!  (And
pretty soon, you won't need one for *anything*. :-) )   The CCP4 
suite includes a program called SUPERPOSE, by Peter Brick, based on
Wayne Hendrickson's PROLSQ.  (It's in ccp4/source/refine/superpose .)  
We have another program of the same type, RMSN, by Pnina 
Dauber-Osgulthorpe, which has lots of fancy analysis features.
Contact Victoria Roberts (vickie at if you want this.

misrael at			Mark Israel

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