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Thu Jan 19 05:36:42 EST 1995

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|> In the J. Appl. Cryst. (1994) vol 27, pp 791-793 was the article "An optimal 
|> strategy for x-ray data collection on macromolecular crystals with position-
|> sensitive detectors". The authors Vivkovic, Kalk, Drenth, and Dijkstra give 
|> the Email address bauke at to write to if one is interested 
|> in the program and manuals.
|> The Email address given by the authors appears to be a "dead" address given 
|> that I have received no response in many tries over the past two months. 
|> Does anyone on the net have information on this program or know how to get 
|> information from the authors?
|> Thanks in advance.
|> Stephan L. Ginell

Dear Stephan,

this sounds like an E-mail address on ye olde convex. Try the following
address on the IRIS here:

bauke at or bauke at

Bauke is out of town for a few days but is expected back next monday.

Hope this helps,

Ronald Knegtel

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