X-ray/E.M. Technician at NYU

Rashmi Hegde rashmi at mcbi-34.med.nyu.edu
Tue Jan 24 16:20:01 EST 1995

Position available for an engineer/physicist to maintain and upgrade equipment
associated with X-ray diffraction and electron microscopy of biological
materials.  The instruments will generally be under service contract and the
applicant will therefore serve as primary liason during service calls.  However,
the applicant should also be able to cure simple problems and perform routine
maintenance of equipment on his/her own.  In addition, custom applications will
involve design and implementation of special apparatus and the applicant should
therefore be able to read and design simple electronic circuits, to build simple
apparatus in a machine shop, to overhaul vacuum pumps and to understand computer
control of the equipment.
The position is at New York University Medical Center, Skirball Institute of
Biomolecular Medicine, in midtown Manhattan.
Please send relevant information to job at mcbi-34.med.nyu.edu as an ascii or
postscript file, or mail it to Dr. Rashmi Hegde, NYU Medical Center, Skirball
Institute 314, 540 First Avenue, New York, NY 10016.

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