Technical books on X-ray crystallography

Ronald Knegtel knegtel at
Wed Jan 25 05:06:02 EST 1995

In a reaction to the previous posts on good text books on protein X-ray
crystallography I would like to mention the book written by Prof.
Jan Drenth titled "Principles of Protein X-ray Crystallography" 
(published by Springer Verlag New York Berlin Heidelberg in the
series Springer advanced texts in chemistry ISBN 0-387-94091-X in
1994). The book costs $49,50 and has 305 pages in English. 

I have only recently started in protein crystallography (from a protein
NMR background) and found it a very useful, complete and up-to-date book 
on crystallography. The mathematical and physical aspects are discussed
in some detail and many key references are given for further reading if




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