Starting a generator at full power

JOEAYERS joeayers at
Fri Jun 2 23:21:58 EST 1995

Your question re: Can I start a generator at full power? , leaves out too
facts,  which generator, what tube, etc.   However, if there is a standby
pre-heat voltage on the tube of approximately half of the full power
voltage it may be readily started at full power. (theoretically, but
rarely will
you find someone with enough guts to try it, tubes are expensive.)
If the system has been on for a sufficient warm-up time, 30 minutes or
and the standby voltage is sufficient turning a tube on and off at 70 or
percent of full power has never been a problem for me, even better is a 
standby voltage just under the voltage required for minimum tube current.
If you blow a tube let me know, I have some for sale.

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