Technical Positon at Amgen

Timothy Osslund osslund at
Wed Jun 7 12:25:01 EST 1995

Amgen Inc. has an immediate opening for a technical staff scientist to join its
protein crystallography group.  Applicants should have a B.S. or M.S. in
biochemistry or related field preferably with experience in protein
crystallization and data collection.  Experience in X-ray structure solution
and refinement, Molecular Biology, Molecular Modeling software and the UNIX
operating system is desirable. The successful candidate will be principally
involved in the development and implementation of an automated crystallization
laboratory and will work in close collaboration with other scientists in a
structure-based approach to the design of biologically active pharmaceuticals.
 Numerous protein targets are available for structure analysis.  Our laboratory
is well equipped with rotating anode generators including two image plate area
detector systems equipped for low temperature crystal cooling.  Computing and
molecular graphics facilities are excellent. For consideration please send a
resume including the names of three references to:

Dr. Timothy Osslund
Molecular Structure Lab
Mail Stop 14-2A-210
Thousand Oaks, California 91320-1789
e-mail address: osslund at
Phone:  805 447-2403
Fax     805 499-5788

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