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Wed Jun 14 12:19:02 EST 1995

	NSLS beamline X12B (Biology Dept., BNL) has recently undergone conversion to
enable macromolecular crystallographic data collection.  After a period of testing and
successful in house use we are accepting user proposals for scheduling beamtime starting
with the next fall-winter scheduling trimester, starting in Sept. '95.

  The data collection facility consists of the following:

	1) Mar research 30 cm image plate scanner, using the standard
	   phi-spindle and base (no theta lift).

		a) spindle - detector distance: 110 - 400 mm
		b) detector pixel size: 150 - 175 micron.
		c) detector aperture: 300 mm.
		d) scan/erase time: 3.5 min.

	2) Oxford cryosystems cryostream.

	3) FTS cooler.

	4) SGI Indy workstations for instrumental interface and indexing calculations.
		a) 16 GByte disk space
		b) Tape formats: 8mm, 4mm
		c) Installed indexing software base:

  The performance of our beamline optics are summarized in the following parameter list:

        1) energy range: 7.7 - 13.1 Kev (1.6 - 95 Angstrom).

	2) nominal bandpass 2.5 - 6 eV  (Co K - SE K).

	3) focus dimensions: 300 x 300 micron (FWHH).

	4) flux delivered on crystal: 10 ^ 10 cps
	   (300 micron collimation, 250 mA ring current, 1 Angstrom)

	5) NSLS beam current decay half life: 24 hrs.

   A web-based application form and submission instructions can be found at URL:


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