Cheap or Public Domain Unix Software for Viewing PDB Structures

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Fri Jun 16 20:47:34 EST 1995

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Peter Prevelige  <peter_prevelige at> wrote
:I am looking for either public domain or inexpensive software for my SGI that
:will allow me to view PDB structures.

RasMol by Roger Sayle is a really nice (and free) application. From the
Announce file:

    RasMol will run on a wide range of architectures and systems including 
SGI, sun4, sun3, sun386i, DEC, HP and E&S workstations, IBM RS/6000, 
Cray, Sequent, DEC Alpha (OSF/1, OpenVMS and Windows NT), IBM PC (under 
Microsoft Windows, Windows NT, OS/2, Linux, BSD386 and *BSD), Apple 
Machintosh (System 7.0 or later), PowerMac and VAX VMS (under DEC Windows).
UNIX and VMS versions require an 8bit, 24bit or 32bit X Windows frame 
buffer (X11R4 or later). The X Windows version of RasMol provides optional 
support for a hardware dials box and accelerated shared memory rendering 
(via the XInput and MIT-SHM extensions) if available.

    The source code is public domain and freely distributable provided that
the original author is suitably acknowledged. The complete source code and
user documentation may be obtained by anonymous FTP from
[] in the directory /pub/rasmol. The source code, documentation
and Microsoft Windows executables are stored in several files appropriate
for the receiving operating system. Please read the "README" file in the
distribution directory. UNIX and VAX systems should retreive either 
RasMol2.tar.Z, RasMol2.tar.gz. Apple Mac users should retrieve rasmac.sit.hqx.
Microsoft Windows users should retrieve and optionally the Visual
Basic package All these files include source code, on-line help,
user manual and reference card. RasMac.sit.hqx, and
also contain executables for the required platform. Please remember to use 
"binary" mode when transferring these files between systems. Check that the 
file size is the same before and after transfer.

    Any comments, suggestions or questions about the package may be directed
to the author at "rasmol at".

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