Harvesting crystals from propanol

Jay Hinton hinton at icrf.icnet.uk
Tue Jun 20 07:38:47 EST 1995

I'm having a problem harvesting my protein crystals which have been grown
with propan-2-ol as a precipitant. As soon as I open up the well, the
propanol starts to evaporate, and the crystals dissolve. 

I have tried lots of different harvesting solutions based on PEG, in which
the crystals seemed stable, but have still been unable to get any crystals
which diffract. Unfortunately the crystals are cubic, and are not
birefringent, so it's not possible to check their integrity except by
putting them on the beam.

Because the crystals are small (@ 100 microns) I have just started trying
to freeze them before going on the beam.  When I added glycerol (as a
cryoprotectant) to my propan-2-ol-based condition the glycerol came out of

I am starting to lose my sense of humour, and would appreciate any ideas
there may be out there!

Is there a crystallisation database where I could find other crystals
obtained with propanol as a precipitant, so I could look for hints?


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