corrupt O to rescue???

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Tue Jun 20 03:34:53 EST 1995

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>bussiere at PROBLEM_WITH_INEWS_GATEWAY_FILE (Dirksen Bussiere) writes:
>|> My O database has apparently been corrupted and I've lost all the models
>|> on there.  I can't sam_at_out the coordinates onto a PDB file, because
>|> it has apparently lost all contact with them.  Does anyone have any
>|> ideas??  Thanks!
>|> -Dirk Bussiere
>|>  'bussiere at'
>first, make sure it's not an NFS problem
>then, try reading it with sam_at_in and tell the program
>you're reading a structure in O format
>if that doesn't work, I'm afraid you probably
>have lost whatever was in it

I just make a suggestion: you may try to write your database as a ascii
file, using
O>  writ  *   database.tmp  ;
and then look in the file if the datablocks beginning by  TOTO_...  (if
TOTO is your molecule label)  are there.  Take all of them and read them
inside O by S_A_I as an O formatted file.
Gerard, am I saying rubbish ?


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