PDBtool - A PDB Browser and Structure Verification Tool - Beta Test

Philip Bourne bourne at SDSC.EDU
Tue Jun 20 23:42:55 EST 1995

                     PDBtool - Beta Testers Sought

What is PDBtool?
PDBtool is a tool to browse and analyze features (predominantly geometry) of a
macromolecular structure contained in a PDB file. Like a Web browser many areas
of the display may be activated with the use of the mouse. Unlike a Web browser,
which is stateless, PDBtool synchronizes events invoked in various display
windows. For example, clicking on an outlier in a Ramachandran plot will result
in: (i) a pop-up window describing that residue, (ii) highlighting that residue
in the browser (a textual display of residues) and (iii) highlighting that
residue in the renderable 3-D view of the molecule. 

A full description of features currently supported by PDBtool can be found 
starting at http://www.sdsc.edu/CCMS/Packages/PDBtool.html

What Platforms are Supported?
PDBtool requires an SGI running Irix 5.x or later or a Sun running SunOS 
4.2 or later as a server. Any X-supporting device, monochrome or color, can 
be used as a client.

How Can I Get It?
At present a small number of beta testers are sought. If you are interested
please send mail to bourne at sdsc.edu. Version 1.0 will be freely available
at the conclusion of the beta test.

                             Phil Bourne
                             San Diego Supercomputer Center

This work was supported by grant IRI 9116798 from the National Science 

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