corrupt O to rescue???

Ronald Knegtel knegtel at
Wed Jun 21 11:07:18 EST 1995

In article <3s6r79$1cds at>, gerard at (Gerard Kleijwegt) writes:
|> In article <3s617d$4l5 at>, moumou at (luc  moulinier) writes:
|> |> >In article <3s4h79$pqr at>,
|> |> >bussiere at PROBLEM_WITH_INEWS_GATEWAY_FILE (Dirksen Bussiere) writes:
|> |> >|> My O database has apparently been corrupted and I've lost all the models
|> |> >|> on there.  I can't sam_at_out the coordinates onto a PDB file, because
|> |> >|> it has apparently lost all contact with them.  Does anyone have any
|> |> >|> ideas??  Thanks!
|> |> >|>
|> |> >|> -Dirk Bussiere
|> |> >|>  'bussiere at'

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|> hmm, no, but it asumes that you're able to read the corrupted
|> file first - and if that works then there doesn't seem to be
|> any problem any longer ;-)
|> --gerard

Hi Gerard, long time no see,

anyway, as you can see in the original posting, O can apparently read
the O file in, but isn't able to do anything with what's in it... so
the problem remains...  :-b


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