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Gil Prive prive
Fri Jun 23 15:23:54 EST 1995

I am looking for a good reference on the functional and structural
significance of short repetitive sequences in proteins. These are
generally considered to be flexible linkers between structured domains,
but with the discovery that SH3 domains bind proline-rich sequences, it
seems unwise to uncritically consider these regions as "boring". 

It's probable that at least some of these linker regions have specific
structures, with possible functional significance. I am looking for 
papers that discuss this topic.

Specifically, does anyone know anything about the following: 

1) Gln/His rich regions. Roughly twice as much Q as H, but 
(apparently) randomly shuffled, about 25 residues long. 

2) strictly alternating Arg/Glu repeats, also about 25 residues long. 

Do these ring any bells with anyone? Any guesses as to whether they have 
a defined stucture or not? 

Thanks for any info.

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