how to reduce the size of a postscript file?

Dave Love at
Sun Jun 25 12:54:53 EST 1995

>>>>> In article <jabri-240695191846 at>, jabri at (E. Jabri) writes:

 > 0.6 0.6 scale

 > I usually place this after 
 > %%EndSetup
 > %%Page: 1 1

 > in the postscript file

The %%...Setup section would presumably be the correct place in an
EPSF file (though -- obligatory crystallography -- the procheck files
aren't (all?) conforming anyhow since they leave things on the
PostScript stack).

However, any application which doesn't allow you to scale/rotate an
included PostScript file (in terms of the page layout parameters) is
seriously deficient -- that is one of the Right Things the PostScript
file conventions are designed for and trivial in LaTeX, for instance.

I'd still recommend the expediency of photoreduction and physical

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