how to reduce the size of a postscript file?

E. Jabri jabri at
Sat Jun 24 19:18:46 EST 1995

Simply edit the postscript file to include
a scale line like this:

0.6 0.6 scale

I usually place this after 
%%Page: 1 1

in the postscript file
This will reduce the plot to  0.6 that of the original,
just the right size for a thesis.

Evelyn Jabri
jabri at

> Dear Colleagues,
> One of postdoctor in our lab has a question.  She wants to reduce
>  the Ramachandran plots produced using PROCHECK to a smaller size
> which can be fit into her thesis.  Does anyone know any tools or
> programs which have this kind of function.
> Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated.
> Thanks in advance!
> Jianping

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