Mailing list for San Diego crystallography

Matthew Bowen Harrington matt at
Mon Jun 26 16:01:18 EST 1995

I had a mailing list created called "sd-xtal" for distributing
messages of interest to the San Diego crystallography community.
After you subscribe to the list, you can address everyone by emailing
to "sd-xtal at"

Administrative tasks such as subscribing to or unsubscribing from the
mailing list are handled by listserv at  To subscribe to the
list, mail to the listserv address (not the mailing list address) with
the following one line in the BODY of your message:

subscribe your_email_address sd-xtal

(Change to suit your email address.)

Feel free to forward this letter to anyone who may be interested.



Matt Harrington                      matt at
The Salk Institute         
San Diego, CA

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