Structural basis for protein thermostability

Gerard Kleijwegt gerard at
Tue Jun 27 20:59:02 EST 1995

In article <3sokg6$rpi at>, knegtel at (Ronald Knegtel) writes:
|> Dear Netters,
|> I'm working on a thermostable enzyme and I'm looking for references
|> to review articles/papers/books dealing with the structural and/or
|> physico-chemical basis for protein thermostability. I understand that
|> the problem is not yet well understood and that several factors are
|> thought to be important (disulphide bridges, hydrophobic effects etc.)
|> but I would like to have some recent overview of the current ideas 
|> in this field. Any help is appreciated, either through E-mail or in 
|> this group.
|> Regards,
|> Ronald Knegtel
|> knegtel at

dag ronald,

recent: dc rees & mww adams, structure 3, 251-254 (1995)
not-so-recent, but several references to earlier work
are in: gj davies et al, proteins 15, 283-289 (1993)


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