XRD and XRF XRay Tube Catalog Now Available

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Attention: Users of XRD, XRF and NDT Systems

A new catalog has been published to help you select the X-ray 
tube required for your XRD, XRF and NDT systems. Richardson 
Electronics, Ltd., a leading international distributor of 
electronic components, has designed its Industrial, Analytical 
and NDT X-Ray Tube catalog to easily guide users to the right 
replacement tube for their X-ray equipment. 

Richardson's primary supplier for XRD and XRF tubes is Varian 
Associates, the industry's premier independent manufacturer of a 
wide range of electron tubes and medical and industrial X-ray 
tubes. You'll benefit from Richardson's extensive inventory of 
products and worldwide technical sales network to assist you in 
finding the industrial X-ray tube for your application.

Richardson has X-ray Diffraction tubes in stock for Norelco, 
Rigaku, Philips, Siemens, GE, Diano, Enraf-Nonius, Seifert and a 
host of other machines. Additional technical specifications are 
listed in our new catalog.

If you would like to receive a copy of Richardson's catalog, 
please send your mailing address to "indlxray at rell.com" and we 
will mail it to you within 48 hours.

With annual sales exceeding $200 Million, Richardson has been 
serving the replacement market for electron tubes, power 
semiconductors and related components since 1947. 

You can find us in 51 sales locations in the USA, Canada, Europe, 
Latin America and the Pacific Rim. Our 15 strategically located 
worldwide stocking locations enable us to deliver the products 
you need in the time you demand. 

Check out: "What's New" on our web server at "www.rell.com" 
            and see the highlights of our new catalog.


Leave a message on our webserver "www.rell.com" == See "What's New"

eMail:  indlxray at rell.com
Phone:  708-208-2200
        800-348-5580 from North America
FAX:    708-208-2550

      Chris Cane

      Industrial Business Unit Manager.
      Richardson Electronics, Ltd.
      40W267 Keslinger Rd.
      Lafox, IL, 60147, USA.

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