Fourier Transforms

bev vincent brv at indigo
Thu Jun 29 17:55:05 EST 1995

T.D. Flint (bmbtdf at wrote:

: I just can not understand exactly what is going on in a Fourier transform.  I 
: know that amplitude and phase values are calculated etc and that you end up 
: with the power spec. but i have asked SO MANY people what is going on and 
: either they don't understand it themselves, or they do and can not explain it 
: in such a way for me to understand.  Can any body explain it or give me  a 
: reference that is understandable.  I have read many but never quite seem to 
: get there.

There is a home page devoted to the subject of Fourier transforms which
might be of interest to you. It is called Kevin Cowtan's Book of Fourier
and is located at:

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