Fourier Transforms

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|> Dear Whoever,
|> I just can not understand exactly what is going on in a Fourier transform.  I 
|> know that amplitude and phase values are calculated etc and that you end up 
|> with the power spec. but i have asked SO MANY people what is going on and 
|> either they don't understand it themselves, or they do and can not explain it 
|> in such a way for me to understand.  Can any body explain it or give me  a 
|> reference that is understandable.  I have read many but never quite seem to 
|> get there.
|> Thanks
|>    B
|>    Y
|>    E
|> Toby

Well, someone left a copy of Glusker, Lewis, and Rossi (_Crystal
Structure for Chemists and Biologists_ (1994 VCI Publishers, Inc.))
on my desk, and a quick skim through the book made it seem worth
looking at if you are confused. 

Actually, as I look through it, now I think I want a copy... :-)

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