For Sale: SGI Indigo Elan for Molecular Graphics

Steve Hedrick shedrick at
Thu Mar 2 18:13:07 EST 1995

For Sale:

Indigo Elan R3000 Including: 32 mbytes RAM; 400mb disk and 1.2 gbyte
disk; internal 4mm DAT; external cdrom; 2 pair of crystal vision 3-D
glasses; 20" color monitor.


Biosym Molecular Graphics suite including: InsightII, Homology,
Discover, Small Molecule, Builder and many others

Xinet Software to turn the Indigo into a Macintosh server. It also
allows the Indigo to use Macintosh printers to print text or post-
script documents.

Quorum Equal that allows the SGI to run MSWord for Mac 5.1a (although
pretty slowly)

Zmail graphic e-mail utility.

SGI standard programs such as Showcase 3.0.

This is a great molecular graphics workstation. The display moves as 
fast as the mouse can go. The Biosym software alone is worth $7000
at an academic discount. 

.................MAKE OFFER...............................
Steve Hedrick
shedrick at
(619) 534-6269//

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