Where to find PDB-like datafiles for misfolded structures?

Thu Mar 2 12:06:16 EST 1995

Hi Netters,

I'm working on the evaluation of preliminary protein structure
models by hydrophobicity-like plots (in correlation with some
structure-derived profiles) and by analysis of hydrophobic core
packing. To test corresponding methods performance in some
extremal cases, I need to use PDB files for misfolded and/or
incorrectly refined structures. Some information about such
structures was published (for example: Nature 1992, 356:83-85;
J.Mol.Biol. 1992, 225:93-105) in last years, but corresponding
datafiles appeared to be unavailable on the net... PDB simply
does not contain previously submitted wrong models (deleted?).
Info about misfolded proteins from Sander (J.Mol.Biol.) was
presented in a very accurate (due to implemented pair comparison
approach) manner: pairs of potentially misfolded entries without 
exact reference which one of them is wrong (in addition, some 
of listed entries are absent in current PDB).

So, how to find PDB (or similar) datafiles for knowlingly
misfolded structures (or partially misfolded, with some
wrong chain placement or domain structure)?

Any references and comments will be greatly appreciated.


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