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Subject: MSI BBS

I'd like to take this opportunity to invite you to subscribe to the 
new MSI Scientific Support Bulletin Board Service which we recently 
announced.  This message is being sent to all users who have sent 
e-mail to the Scientific Support hotline over the past few months.
(In some cases, users have sent mail from different machines or nodes,
and hence may receive multiple copies of this message.  We apologize
for the duplication.)

Below is the text of the announcement describing the operation of 
the MSI BBS.  We encourage you to subscribe, and participate in the 
on-going discussion of how to better use MSI products.

If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to contact us.  
We look forward to hearing from you!

(lance at

"A new MSI bulletin board is being installed which will allows users 
of MSI modeling software to exchange information on the use of these 
products. We expect to begin operation of the bulletin board on 
July 01, 1993, but we may be up and running sooner.

"The MSI Scientific Support Bulletin Board mailing lists are intended 
to provide an informal forum for users of MSI products to discuss 
various aspects of the programs. The lists are not designed to be 
an official channel for product support; all requests for technical 
product support should continue to go through the Scientific Support 
hotline or via e-mail to the phone, fax, and e-mail addresses provided 
on this page.

"There are currently four mailing lists available on the MSI Scientific 
Support Bulletin Board which uses the ListServer 6.0) software. The lists are:

(address: quanta-l at
This list is for users of QUANTA and related programs (e.g. ChemNote). 
Discussion on CHARMm is also welcome here. (MSI is not affiliated with, 
nor does it support, the separate CHARMM bulletin board administered by 
Donovan Chin. Users of academic CHARMM who wish to subscribe to this 
bulletin board should direct their request to 
charmm-bbs-sysop at

(address: cerius-l at
This list is for users of CERIUS.

(address: xgraf-l at
This list is for the users of the XGRAF family of products (POLYGRAF, 
Professional POLYGRAF, BIOGRAF, NMRgraf, and Polaris).

(address: xplor-l at
This list is for users of X-PLOR (stand-alone or using the X-ray 
Structure or NMR Structure interfaces between QUANTA and XPLOR.)

"All users interact with the bulletin boards by e-mail. The server 
understands a limited set of requests. Users send e-mail to the 
server when they wish to have a request processed. If users want to 
send a message to one of the mailing lists, they would send e-mail 
to the list instead.

"In order to subscribe to any of the lists, a user should send e-mail 
to the server (for MSI, this address is: listserv at with a 
request of the format:
subscribe <list name> <Person's Name>
where <Person's Name> should let people know who the subscriber is. 

"For example, if Bob Funchess wanted to subscribe to the QUANTA-L 
mailing list, he would send an e-mail message to listserv at 
consisting of the line:
subscribe quanta-l Bob Funchess

"A subscriber may send messages to the list. This is a regular e-mail 
message addressed to the list address itself (not the server address!). 
Any messages sent to the list address will be automatically distributed 
to all subscribers.

"A subscriber who wishes to be taken off the distribution list should 
send this message to the server listserv at; for example:
unsubscribe quanta-l

"For information on other commands, the server accepts help requests 
of the form:
help [topic]

"If no topic is specified, the general help file will be sent.

"Each mailing list has its messages automatically archived on a 
monthly basis. In addition, some of the archives contain other 
useful files that can be sent via e-mail upon request. To access 
the archives, an 'index' request is sent to listserv at to 
find out what archives are available and what files may be obtained 
from these archives. A user then may request one or more files via 
a 'get' request. For example:
get xplor xplor.bat
will send the file xplor.bat from that archive. In the case of binary 
files, what the user receives is a uuencoded file, possibly split 
into several parts depending on its size. Archives may be searched 
with the 'search' command.

"We hope you find this new service to be of use to you. Please send 
any comments or suggestions to the MSI Scientific Support group or 
to the bulletin board itself!"

   If license keys are enclosed in the above message,
   we would very much appreciate if you could reply
   that you received the license keys.  Expiration
   dates, if applicable, are 30 days beyond the end
   of your current maintenance period, and do not
   indicate the expiration of your product license.

   To respond to a message from Lance, please use the          
   e-mail address:  lance at
   Please contact the Scientific Support Group if you have
   any questions or comments regarding the use of MSI software
   products.  Thank you for using MSI molecular modeling
   software products.
   Molecular Simulations Inc.
   Scientific Support Group
   16 New England Executive Park
   Burlington, MA 01803
   Toll free: 1-800-756-4674 (US and Canada only)
   Phone:     1-617-229-8879
   Fax:       1-617-229-9092
   E-mail:    hotline at

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