molecular dynamics image plates

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Mon Mar 6 10:33:24 EST 1995

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lawson at BNLCL6.BNL.GOV (Cathy Lawson) writes:
>Does anyone out there have experience using Molecular Dynamics image plates
>and scanner for collecting/processing x-ray diffraction images?  If so, I
>would be grateful for any comments you might have regarding ease or
>difficulty of use, particularly in regards to porting images to data
>reduction packages.
Dear Cathy,
	I'm sorry I can't help, but I would be interested in hearing any re-
plies you get.  Could you please post, email or smail them to me? TIA.  BTW,
I tried to post this previously and the newsreader crashed, so if this is a
duplicate, please delete before reading.
				Bill Tivol
				Wadsworth Center for Labs. & Research
				Empire State Plaza, P.O. Box 509
				Albany NY 12201-0509

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