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Thu Mar 9 09:02:10 EST 1995

In article <199502281646.IAA19172 at>, lawson at BNLCL6.BNL.GOV (Cathy Lawson) says:
>Dear colleagues,
>Does anyone out there have experience using Molecular Dynamics image plates
>and scanner for collecting/processing x-ray diffraction images?  If so, I
>would be grateful for any comments you might have regarding ease or
>difficulty of use, particularly in regards to porting images to data
>reduction packages.
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Hi Cathy,

We have done it successfully. The molecular dyamics software saves the 
file in TIFF format, which is not hard to repackage to whatever your
software needs are. We generally do small angle work, so most of what
we use for data reduction is homegrown and easy to modify. The
routines for accessing the TIFF files was written by Jian-Hui Zhang
(in C). Please contact him jhz at for details.

I have routines which will create files which look as if they came
off the the Optronics film scanner (as you guys have in Biology). Copies
of this code are available from Bob Sweet or myself.

Good luck,

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