Max entropy, who distributes BUSTER etc?

Satish Nair satish at
Fri Mar 31 10:33:22 EST 1995

In article <4201.2f69663e at> emartinez at writes:
>Hi everyone,
>I would be interested in applying Max Entropy methods in phase
>extension and phase improvement. I know programs for this purpose
>exist, such as BUSTER, MICE and MESF. Who knows where and how I
>can get any of these or related programs? Has anyone used/published
>max entropy together with squash for phase massage, how were the
>results compared to squash alone?
>Any answer welcome, Erik


I tried to get a hold of these programs but I'd been told that
Mice is not currently available for distribution.  I don't know
if Buster (from Bicogne) is currently available either.  I've been
told by Charles Carter that he is in the process of trying to 
get out a user-friendly version of Mice for the near future.

I do know that there is a set of programs called Xtal
(Acta Cryst. D49, 100-106) avilable from James Stewart's
group at Univesity of Maryland but I hadn't been able to get
a copy of that either.  Please let me know if you have more
success in getting any algorithm that incorporates entropy


satish nair

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