ASST. PROF./Structural Biology/Princeton Univ.

Fred Hughson fhughson at molbiol.Princeton.EDU
Thu Nov 9 01:30:36 EST 1995

                Structural Biology
           Department of Molecular Biology
               Princeton University

    The Department of Molecular Biology at Princeton
University invites applications for a tenure track 
position in structural biology and biochemistry
at the Assistant Professor level.  Exceptional
senior level scientists may also be considered.
Candidates must have a Ph.D. degree or equivalent
and several years of postdoctoral experience.

    Qualified applicants should send their
curriculum vitae, a summary of research interests,
and three letters of reference to:

   Structural Biology Search Committee
   Department of Molecular Biology
   Princeton University 
   Princeton, NJ 08544

Application deadline:  December 1, 1995.
[Princeton University is an Equal Opportunity/
Affirmative Action Employer.]

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