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Judith Sharp jsharp at mail.utexas.edu
Sun Nov 12 13:26:19 EST 1995

Hello, my name is Judith Sharp and I will be graduating with a B.S. 
in Molecular Biology at the end of December.  I am seeking a 
research assistant position (preferably) in the Boston area 
beginning in January, 1996.  My research experience so far has 
mainly involved a project comparing high resolution TEM 
structures to the X-ray data, but I also have training in 
molecular biology techniques and successful grant writing.  
I encourage interested employers or anyone with suggestions on 
finding such a position to contact me by email or 
                               Judith A. Sharp
                               (512) 322-9415
                            jsharp at mail.utexas.edu

Career Objective:  Research applying structural analysis and biochemistry 
        to investigate protein structure and function relationships, 
	gene regulation, and DNA/protein complexes.


B. S. Molecular Biology					December 1995	
	University of Texas at Austin
	Overall GPA:  3.5/4.0			
	Major GPA:  3.8/4.0
Bachelor of Music, Performance			 Fall 1989-Spring 1992
	University of Texas at Austin, (105 hours)
	Overall GPA:  3.5/4.0
Harvard University				  Summer Session 1989
	Overall GPA:  3.4/4.0


High Resolution Transmission Electron Microscopy and Digital 
Image Processing:
Paid position as a research assistant investigating molecular structure 
with conventional TEM and computer-assisted contrast enhancement. 	
August 1994-December 1995
Supervising Professor:  Dr. R. Malcolm Brown, Jr. UT Austin, Department of 
	  Chaperones Gro-EL and Gro-ES
		(with Dr. Boyd Hardesty, UT Austin, Dept. of Biochemistry)
	  Lattice Structure of Fluorinated Graphite
		(with Dr. James F. Haw, Texas A&M, Dept. of Chemistry) 
	  Acetylenic Carbon
		(with Dr. Richard J. Lagow, UT Austin, Dept. of Chemistry)
	  Symmetry and Subunit Morphology of Ornithine Decarboxylase
		(with Dr. Marvin Hackert, UT Austin, Dept. of Biochemistry)
	  Imaging of Low Molecular Weight Proteins and Polysaccharides

Effects of Kinetin and Ethylene Inhibitors on Growth in Spirodela:
A semester-long study of hormonal control of growth conducted in a Plant 
Physiology course.  Instructor:  Dr. Stanley J. Roux, UT Austin, Department 
of Botany

T4 Bacteriophage Infection of E.Coli:
A study conducted in a Cell Biology course of the lytic replication cycle of 
a bacteriophage using light and electron optics in conjunction with video 
microscopy.  Instructor:  Dr. R. Malcolm Brown, Jr., UT Austin, Department 
of Botany


Sharp, Judith A. and Brown, R.M. Jr.  Atomic and molecular imaging with the 
	Transmission Electron Microscope.  Plant Physiology 1995, 108(2):   
       137, Abstract 710.

                        RESEARCH SKILLS

Techniques in Structural Analysis
        High resolution transmission electron microscopy; electron          
        Digital Image Processing (Zeiss-Kontron IBAS 2.0)
        Video microscopy
        Darkfield, phase contrast, polarization, Nomarski DIC, and          
       epifluorescence optics
        Negative staining, organic synthesis of staining compounds, 
		formvar coating grids

Techniques in Molecular Biology
        DNA isolation; restriction enzyme digestion and mapping 
        Gel Electrophoresis
        DNA sequencing

Specialized Instrument Knowledge
        Philips EM 420 Transmission Electron Microscope; Gatan camera
        Zeiss Universal Light Microscope
        Optronics CCD video camera

Computer Skills 
        DOS, Windows, and Macintosh
        Zeiss-Kontron IBAS 2.0 Digital image processing and interactive     
            image analysis
        Scientific database online searching (IG, GCG, Blast, MacVector)

Grant Writing
        Welch Foundation:  writing, research, and editing
        Office of Naval Research:  editing

Scientific Meetings
        Welch Foundation Conference on Nanophase Chemistry, Houston 1995
        American Society of Plant Physiologists Annual Meeting, Charlotte   

        Poster presentation at international conferences (ASPP, 1995)
        Lecture presentation to senior/graduate course (cAMPsignalling in   
        Photography, negative development, photographic enlargement and     
            paper processing
        Video preparation and editing

                        HONORS & ACTIVITIES

Volunteer Lab Assistant at People's Community Clinic (1993-1995)
American Society of Plant Physiology (1995)
Tri-Beta Biological Honors Society (1994)
Volunteer Lab Assistant at Seton Hospital (1993)
Non-resident Tuition Waiver Scholarship, College of Natural Sciences        
University Volunteer Service Award, People's Community Clinic (1995)
Dean's List - College of Natural Sciences (1992, Ampla Cum Laude 1993,      
   1994, 1995)
Dean's List - College of Fine Arts (1989-1992)

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