list of crystallographic laboratories

Robert D Scavetta scavetta at XTREME.UCR.EDU
Mon Nov 20 17:19:06 EST 1995

Hi all,

Sorry if this request is not in line with the purpose of the newsgroup servers.

I am trying to create a comprehensive list of x-ray crystallography
laboratories around the world.

I would greatly be appreciative if you could take a moment to send me some
information if your company/institution performs protein x-ray crystallography.

The following information is required:

Name of company or institution.
Location/mailing address.
Director or head of Lab.
Contact persons phone # or e-mail address.
Web site address if you have one.
General information of some of the projects the lab is involved in (optional, I
understand the sensitivity of some of the research out there).

And any other pertinant info you feel is appropriate.

I will make the list availible to anyone interested.

Please send responses to scavetta at  (lets not tie up the
newsgroup servers).

Thanks for you help.

Robert D Scavetta,
Frances Jurnak's Lab
Department of Biochemistry
University of California, Riverside  92521
scavetta at

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