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Y. W. Chen ywchen at
Mon Nov 20 15:50:49 EST 1995

X-PLOR can certainly do it.  Refer to X-PLOR 3.1 manual pp 265-266

In article <17NOV95.20113977 at>, yangj at writes:
|> Hello, everyone, I have a problem that I need your help.  Could anybody tell
|> me which program can calculate the packing energy between a domain of a molecule
|> with symmetry-related molecules with pdb coordinates?  I thank you in advance 
|> for your help.
|> Sincerely,
|> Jian Yang
|> Department of Chemistry
|> University of Saskatchewan
|> Saskatoon, Saskatchewan
|> Canada S7N 5C9
|> Tel: (306) 966-4366
|> Email: yangj at

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