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Wed Nov 29 11:22:34 EST 1995

Dear Colleague:

I am pleased to inform you that the approaching 24th Meeting of the Federation
of European Biochemical Societies (FEBS '96) will be held in Barcelona from
7-12th July 1996.

Structural Biology will be present in this meeting as a 5-day symposium
entitled Structure-Function Relationships in Macromolecules, including the
following sessions:

Monday:    Protein Folding and Transport,
Tuesday:   Nucleic Acid-Protein Interactions,
Wednesday: Molecular Interactions in Membranes (Joint session with the
           Signal Transduction and Cell Proliferation Symposium)
Thursday:  Enzyme Engineering,
Friday:    Structure and Function Alteration is Disease (Joint session with
           the Molecular and Metabolic Aspects of Disease Symposium).

Besides, a Workshop about Determination of Macromolecular Structure will be
held on Monday 8th.

Full information about the meeting can be found at the internet address


If you want to receive your personal copy of the Second Announcement with
Preliminary Programme and registration forms please send a note including your
full mailing address to febs96 at sun.bq.ub.es.

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