Elliot users Turbo molecular pumps

David Mannock dmannock at gpu.srv.ualberta.ca
Thu Nov 30 21:13:43 EST 1995

I have an Elliot GX-6 still running on an oil diffusion pump. Although I have
inserted baffles and selected oils with low vapour pressures to reduce the oil
streaming effects, ultimately I would like to replace the diffusion pump with a
turbo molecular pump. I understand that the GX-20 and 21 had such pumps, but I
do not necessarily wish to restrict myself to "old technology". Has anyone out
there done this upgrade? What models do you recommend? What are the pros and
cons of oil lubricated vs ceramic vs magnetic bearings. Are there manufacturers
and models I should avoid. Do some turbo pumps need more maintenance than
others? I doubt that we will have the money for a new unit, so I would probably
be looking for a good used or rebuilt unit (I have names of suppliers). What are
the pitfalls of buying these units second hand. What should I beware of?  Any
advice appreciated. Thanks in advance, Dave.

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