Mo vs Cu K-alpha radiation

William Tivol tivol at
Wed Nov 29 18:50:09 EST 1995

Dr H.R. Powell (hrp1000 at wrote:

: "In these days when people freeze and re-use their nucleotide/protein
: crystals on a regular basis, has anyone done the experiment where they
: collect a dataset using one radiation, and then KEEPING ALL OTHER
: VARIABLES CONSTANT (as far as possible), collecting a dataset on the same
: sample with the other radiation?". 

Dear Harry,
	Not with x-rays, but see W.F. Tivol, et al., Voltage-Dependent Effects
on Dynamical Scattering and the Electron Diffraction Structure Analysis of
Organic Crystals: Copper Perchlorophthalocyanine, MSA Bulletin Vol. 23 (1993)
				Bill Tivol

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