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University of East Anglia
Centre for Metalloprotein Spectroscopy and Biology
Schools of Chemical and Biological Sciences


Applications are invited for the post of research officer to act as computer 
manager in the Molecular Structure Centre in the School of Chemical Sciences. The 
successful candidate will work with a team of chemists and biologists who are 
investigating small and macromolecular structures using X-ray crystallography and 
NMR spectroscopy.

The Center is equipped with a wide range of computing equipment used in the 
resolution, visualisation and modelling of molecular structures. Current equipment 
includes Silicon Graphics and DEC alpha workstations plus a DEC alpha 2100 server. 
Access is also available to the UEA Computing Center facilities which includes a 
farm of DEC alpha workstations. A custom-built laboratory to house most of the 
Molecular Structure Center computing facilities will be ready in November and at that 
time further hardware will be installed. A local area FDDI network will also be 
established. The experimental facilities of the Centre include a dual-imaging plate 
area detector detector system for protein crystallography and 4-circle diffractometer 
for biomimetic compound studies (both on rotating anode generators), and 600MHz 
and 400MHz spectrometers for biomolecular NMR. Each of these have host 
computers for data capture and management of these will be the responsibility of the 
computer manager, however, previous direct experience of these techniques is not 

The appointed person will manage the day-to-day operation of the computer 
facilities and will be expected to take part in the research programme of the Centre. 
The latter could include the development of data analysis software, procedures for 
joint handling of NMR and X-ray data and implementing parallel processing within 
the Center. Routine operations will include providing user support and systems 
management, ensuring sound data archiving and liasing with hardware and software 

Prospective candidates should preferably have experience of UNIX-based 
operating systems and networking, have good interpersonal communication skills and 
be self-motivated.

The appointment will be for 1 year in the first instance but funds are available 
to extend this for a further 3 years. The salary for the post will be in the range #15,986 
to #17,466 on the RA1A scale.

Informal enquiries and full applications should be made to Dr.Andrew Hemmings, 
School of Chemical Sciences, University of East Anglia, Norwich NR4 7TJ, UK. Tel: +44-(0)1603-
592259, fax +44(0)1603-592250, e-mail a.hemmings at The deadline for applications is 
15th October 1995 with a planned start date in mid-late November.
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