any program to link intensities and phases?

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Fri Oct 6 12:12:23 EST 1995

In article <451fse$61i at>, barani at (Barani) writes:
|>   I have intensities from one protein and borrowed phases
|>   from its cousin. Is there any any quick test to see if 
|>   the intensities and phases correspond ? (No, I dont want 
|>   to make a map). Any program that can do this job is most
|>   welcome! 
|>   Thanks
|>   barani at

You can use CCP4 programs SFALL and RSTATS to do this.

[1] You need to calculate the F and SigmaF from I and SigmaI from some
    programs.  In CCP4, you can use TRUNCATE to do this.
[2] Use SFALL to calculate Fcalc and Phicalc from your model structure.
[3] Use RSTATS to determine an R-factor between Fobs and Fcalc.

Note, you have to have your F's and SigmaF's in the MTZ format which is understable to CCP4 programs.

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