Questions on growing crystals w/ ultrasound

Jim Holstein jholstein at
Mon Oct 9 21:19:32 EST 1995

Thank you for reading and responding

I am high school senior going considering doing a science fair project on 
growing crystals under varying effects of ultrasound frequency and am 
looking for chemists & physicists who would give me your thoughts?

statement of the nul-hypothesis:
   crystal growth rate [mass/10-days] will not be affected by induced ultrasound
   crystal growth purity [specific gravity ???] will not be ...etc...

constants in the experiment:
   type of crystal = would alum give quick growth and allow purity meaures

variables to be controlled:
   solution concentration:  make-up large vat of liquid & use only that
				keep sealed to avoid evaporation
   temperature:  grow crystals in an unused kiln with door closed.
      frequency = thought I'd vary +20%, 0, -20% from size of alum molecule
      amplitude = thought I'd keep constant
           question:  what wattage (amplitude) to use

Please CHAT with me on your suggestions of things I should consider
   when doing this experiment.  I love the sciences and am applying to
   several colleges in bio+chem with a MS in biochem or PhD as an objective.

Thank you for helping 

Matt Holstein,  St.Louis, Missouri, USA
using my father's internet jholstein at

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