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Vicki Finkenstadt eog at mace.cc.purdue.edu
Tue Oct 10 21:16:09 EST 1995

Good Morning!

The EGC-1, an electronic conference on the WWW for carbohydrate and 
glycoconjugate chemistry, will remain active until Oct. 13, 1995, but 
will probably run longer due to the interest generated so far.

You can reach the EGC-1 web pages by clicking on the big button on
the front page of our department web page which is at:
URL http://www.foodsci.purdue.edu/
You will need to register (available from the front page)
to access the whole papers, use the mailing lists, or check out the 
employment center. The Virtual Conference Center (VCC) is online here,
but the conference discussions are scheduled in the UK at their VCC.
The URL is http://www.foodsci.purdue.edu/egc
The main site is http://bellatrix.pcl.ox.ac.uk/egc/egc.html

The announcement follows:


     The First Electronic Glycoscience Conference (EGC-1) will be held
on the Internet (the Net) and World Wide Web (the Web) from Sept 18 - Oct
13, 1995.  This international conference will cover a broad range of
disciplines related to carbohydrate and glycoconjugate molecules
including chemical, physical, biological and medical areas using
theoretical, experimental and computational approaches.  EGC-1
will be a fully international event open to all members of
our scientific community.  It is our intent that EGC-1 will be an
historic occasion from which we will move forward towards further
annual conferences and virtual resource creation for The

     Although the conference runs for what looks like a long period of
time by traditional standards, it is anticipated that participants might
often interweave the conference with other activities in their regular
schedule and thus have the flexibility to come and go to the
conference (flexi-conferencing).  Participants should realise that this
event is experimental and they should we willing to attend with a
spirit of exploration and adventure.  We believe that many
glycoscientists will benefit from an exposure to methods that
will revolutionize how we do science research and how we communicate
as scientists.  Also, in addition to the presentation of technical
scientific information and results, we will use specific measures to strongly
encourage cross-disciplinary communication in language intelligible to general
scientists.  For example, all technical papers will require an
accompanying communication explaining the primary methods, results and 
conclusions of the paper in language accessible to a general scientific 
audience.  During and after the conference we anticipate the formation of
connections and cross-references between diverse areas of science and
technology in the Glycosciences.

     Conference subject areas will include Glycosyltransferases,
Glycoimmunology, Primary Structure Determination, Glycolipids,
Organic Synthesis,  Molecular Modeling, Design and Informatics,
Lectins, Polysaccharides and Cellulose, Proteoglycans and Glycosaminoglycans,
Therapeutics, Carbohydrate Biotechnology, Glycobiology,
Crystallography, NMR, Function of Carbohydrates in Biological Systems,
and Perspectives.

    Papers will be prepared in Hypertext Markup Language (HTML) and
participants will view the papers via the World Wide Web.  Aid and
consultation will be provided to participants during summer '95 to
help newcomers to the Web in the presentation of their conference paper.
During the conference discussions will take place via email using a
Net-based electronic mailing list.  It is intended that papers will
be refereed prior to publication in both traditional and electronic
formats.  In addition to a full technical paper authors will be required to
produce a shortened version of their paper that will summarize the
main approaches, results and conclusions of their work in language
accessible to all general scientists.

     During EGC-1 participants will be able to register at a Virtual
Conference Center (VCC) created by Gustavo Glusman and the
administrators of BioMOO, a virtual meeting place for biologists, 
through Net-based telnet sessions into a Networked Virtual Environment.  
There they will be able to use their own rooms, schedule and attend 
meetings, hold private talks, take and exchange notes, visit interactive 
poster sessions, trade exhibits and an employment center, and socialize.

    During the conference participants will be able to contribute to
a collective creative project: The Glycoscience Hyperglossary (GH).
The GH will serve to define scientific terms and definitions of
relevance to the Glycosciences through the collective contribution of entries
and explanations to an electronic dictionary.  The GH will be then be
published with the conference papers as an international information
resource subject to further refinement and evolution.

See you online!

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