Sell Our recipes. Participate and make $$$$$$ Try it!

Stuart Priest priest at
Thu Oct 12 06:24:04 EST 1995

foshay at (foshay elena m) wrote:
>  First of all, yes, this is another one of those "let's try to make some 
>easy money fast" things that you often see on the NET. If you wish to 
>find out more and possibly participate, read on. If you do not believe 
>in this sort of thing, please move on to the next post - BUT DO NOT 
>FLAME ME FOR "ABUSE" OF THE NET. Fact is, this wonderful electronic 
>world is for the exchange of ideas and experimentation, so why not try 
>something new? (at least I'm not posting binaries of 10 year old naked 
>boys; that is abusive).

Why do we have do put up with this SPAM!  I've mailed them a LONG document on
nettique - perhaps if others do the same we can be SPAM free!

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