txlator for xentronix, vms to unix

Patrick J. Loll loll at PHARM.MED.UPENN.EDU
Tue Oct 17 08:13:07 EST 1995

        We have xentronics images which are dumped onto a VMS machine after
collection.  The Vax is VERY slow, so we'd like to port them to an SGI to
run XDS.  Does anyone have a translator so we could ftp these images to the
SGI and then convert to a format XDS can read?  (I'm assuming that when we
go from the VMS machine to the unix box some things will get jumbled in the
binary file).
        Obviously the long term fix is to turn the Vax into a planter and
replace it with an Indy, but something short term would help a lot.


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