[?]Siemens' SAINT output data format

tzanko at PROPHET1.UNL.EDU tzanko at PROPHET1.UNL.EDU
Thu Oct 19 13:02:52 EST 1995

Subject: Siemens' SAINT output data format

This should be an easy question to people using Siemens HI-STAR system.
What is the format for the SAINT output file:

    0   0   6  1  1.6209E-01  8.1059E-02  8.1043E-02  8.1043E-02 -9.9990E+03 -9.9990E+03 -9.9990E+03

The first three are h,k,l, but what about the rest?
We do not have the SAINT manual, so I cannot check it.

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