pyrrolidone carboxylic acid

Gerard Kleijwegt gerard at
Sun Oct 29 12:33:05 EST 1995

In article <46rprq$iog at>, schuller at (Dave Schuller) writes:
|> does anyone happen to know how many PDB entries (and which) contain a
|> pyrrolidone carboxylic acid residue (aka pyroglutamate) ?
|> standard PDB residue code is PCA , synonym PGA.
|> thanks,

PGA is used for 2-PHOSPHOGLYCOLIC ACID (or acetate)
in 2YPI and 1HTI, so it's better not to use that

PCA occurs in:

1cel (1.8 A)
1cor (nmr)
1dtx (2.2 A)
1fus (1.3 A -> highest resolution available)
1led (2.0 A)
1onc (1.7 A)
1pca (sic) (2.0 A)
1psp (2.5 A)
1thg (1.8 A)
2bjl (2.8 A)
2bus (nmr)
2crd (nmr)
2mcg (2.0 A)
9wga (1.8 A)

and all homologous entries to these


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