Density maps from model structure

Shoba Ranganathan Shoba.Ranganathan at
Fri Sep 8 09:59:34 EST 1995

G'day all,

I have a model protein structure which I need 
to compare with electron density maps of a related
protein. Something like the converse of what an x-ray
crystallographer would do. 

Is there a program that can generate density plots
similar to those obtained from EM data - projections
onto planes that can be stacked?  I can do this the 
hard way: sort out atoms from the z-coordinate, project
onto plane, use some "surface" representation, but
I was wondering if someone hasn't already done this 
before me.

My protein has ~350 residues: hence computation of
electron density as in SPARTAN won't be feasible.

Please e.mail your replies to me and I will summarize
if required.

Thank you.


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