Density maps from model structure

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Tue Sep 12 22:46:29 EST 1995

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> I have a model protein structure which I need to compare with 
> electron density maps of a related protein. Something like the 
> converse of what an x-ray crystallographer would do.
> Is there a program that can generate density plots similar to 
> those obtained from EM data - projections onto planes that can be 
> stacked?
   XtalView can do this.  You would need to calculate Structure
Factors with sfcalc, and then use xfit or xfft/xcontur to display 
the density.
   XtalView is available by anonymous ftp from CCMS at the San Diego
Super Computer Center.  Send e-mail to ccms-request at with a 
blank subject and the line "get xtalview".  Instructions will be 
return mailed.

misrael at			Mark Israel

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