Describing change in conf. of helix

Yoram Puius puius at
Thu Sep 14 16:29:38 EST 1995

Hi all.

A fellow in our lab is working on two crystal structures in which a particular
helix is moved _and_ rotated with respect to the other.  Naturally, this is
only slightly problematic for aligning the structures (you just align on the
rest of the molecule).

However, we need some way of quantifying the difference between the helix.
Ideally, we'd like a program analogous to Fred Richards' DDMP, but with
some sort of vectorial approach.  If we could calculate a difference in 
the azimuth of the helix, that would be nice.

Any ideas?  `Obvious' software packages I haven't heard about?  Any info would
be greatly appreciated, because it would prevent me from writing the
home-grown software.

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