bug reports [was re Problem with DM]

Dave Love d.love at dl.ac.uk
Fri Sep 15 12:13:10 EST 1995

>>>>> In article <1995Sep14.225800.1576 at gems.vcu.edu>, jscarsdale at gems.vcu.edu writes:

  > Y. W. Chen mentions a potential dm bug:
 >> I ran dm with skeletonisation but got an "bus error" and a core
 >> dump.  This only happens at the last cycle.  I tried dm v.1.5
 >> compiled with CCP4 2.11 and dm v.1.6 compiled with CCP4 2.15, both
 >> give the same error message.  The machine I used is a SGI.  I
 >> tried running dm in IRIX 4 and IRIX 5.  Both give the same error

I wish people would report bugs/queries to the place requested (where
they will be fielded).  It's unlikely that the world in general knows
more about DM than its author/maintainer (via CCP4 or direct) and I
doubt he would refuse to help.  *Please* cooperate with free(-ish)
software providers in reporting problems to improve programs for
everyone's benefit.  It's not so hard.

  > We've seen this "problem" also, however, if you look at your
  > HKLOUT file, I think you'll find everything in order--it looks
  > like this error, which I believe means that something is trying to
  > access non-existant memory,

... or not

  > We have been ignoring the error 

So it hasn't been fixed and occasioned 3 news postings for far.

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