bug reports [was re Problem with DM]

Y. W. Chen ywchen at laue.biochem.ubc.ca
Mon Sep 18 15:54:10 EST 1995

Dear DM users,

I have contacted the author of DM (Dr. Cowtan) and we discussed about this "bus error" problem.  He cannot reproduce my problem with the data files I supplied to him with his program.  I ftp'ed his executable (v.1.6.1 for IRIX5) and it works without problem on my machine.  It appears not to be a program bug but a compiling error although I did not see any error during DM compilation.

|> I wish people would report bugs/queries to the place requested (where
|> they will be fielded).  It's unlikely that the world in general knows
|> more about DM than its author/maintainer (via CCP4 or direct) and I
|> doubt he would refuse to help.  *Please* cooperate with free(-ish)
|> software providers in reporting problems to improve programs for
|> everyone's benefit.  It's not so hard.

As responding to Dr. Love's comments, a posting in the bionet.xtallography does not exclude one from contacting the author directly.  In my case, I've done both.  I need other (DM) users' comments and experiences as well as the author's own help, before I can definitively say the problem is a program bug.

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