Proposed State & Federal Regulations for the INTERNET!

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Sat Sep 23 17:08:45 EST 1995

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:  My name is Scott Glasrud, and I am running for the New Mexico State Senate
:during the 1996 elections. One of the reasons I have chosen to run is to combat 
:proposed state and federal regulations of the Internet.  As you know, the 
:was never designed to be regulated!  It was designed to allow communications in
:the event of anuclear war or a major catastrophe. I OPPOSE REGULATION, and if 
:will fight to preserve your constitutional rights. HOWEVER, I NEED YOUR HELP!
:I am asking each person who reeives this message to send $5.00 to the 
:Scott Glasrud Campaign Committee.  If we pull together, we CAN protect our first
:amendment rights!  HELP ME show the politicians the POWER behind this
:important NETWORK.  Please send contributions to:

  Will you sponsor a Constitutional amendment authorizing the death
penalty for people who mangle their word-wrap? 

  Like we'd vote for someone who can't even get a spell-checker working. 

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