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In article <9509272257.AA06701 at>, raman at BIOC01.UTHSCSA.EDU (C.S.RAMAN) writes:
|> Is anyone aware of sequential valine clusters in any of the solved
|> crystal structures? For example, VVVVVAA or VVVVVPA.  If yes, then what
|> type of secondary structure are they accomodated in?
|> Cheers
|> -raman

	Sorry if it's not exactly on topic but the NMR solution structure of
lung surfactant protein SP-C, which has a hydrophobic "tail" of mostly valine and isoleucine,  shows an almost perfect alpha helix. However, as this is a membrane spanning helix (23 residues or so) this analysis was done in organic solvent, micelles or liposomes (I can't remember exactly - Biochemistry this year - Kurt Wuthrich's group).


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