CONECT records in pdb files?

Simon M. Brocklehurst smb at
Tue Apr 2 06:58:18 EST 1996

Dr Sue Brown wrote:
> I have a PDB file of a protein structure, and I need to generate a
> complete set of CONECT records from the coordinates, including the
> backbone connectivities.
> Are there any program utilities available to do this?
> If not, any other suggestions?
> Any help appreciated,
> Sue
> Dr Sue Brown
> email: sebrown at
> Dept of Biochemistry, University of British Columbia
> Vancouver, Canada, V6T 1Z3

You can do this easily with NAOMI by using input commands:

	        read pdb my_pdb_file.pdb
                use covalent_bonds
                table conect_records

More info at the Web site:

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