Announcement: mmCIF Dictionary

Paula Fitzgerald paula_fitzgerald at Merck.Com
Tue Apr 9 09:44:26 EST 1996

To the Macromolecular Structure community -

Version 0.8.03 of the macromolecular Crystallographic Information File
(mmCIF) dictionary is now available.  For those of you not already familiar
with this project, mmCIF provides a data structure, dictionary, and
associated software tools for the archiving and interchange of a variety of
data pertaining to the macromolecular crystallographic experiment and its
results.  The mmCIF project is an initiative of the International Union of

Rather than try to give you a full feeling here for mmCIF, its history, its
structure, and its many uses, we invite you to visit the mmCIF Web page,
which contains all of this information and more.  The URL is:  Once you get to that Web page, you will
find pointers to other CIF materials, and also to other Web sites containing
software and related information.

The mmCIF dictionary was released for public review in August of 1995, and
that review process has now been completed.  We invite you to participate in
the final stage of the review process, which will happen between now and June
15.  The dictionary will be finalized and published at that point.  Although
changes are still possible in this final review stage, we do not anticipate
that any of them will affect the basic structure of the data model, only the
details of that model.  We welcome your comments and suggestions.

We have used the mmCIF mailing list as the mechanism for dialog during the
review process.

          To subscribe to the mmCIF List Server, send a one line message
          containing the text:
              subscribe mmciflist Your Name
          to the email address:
              requests at
          To post to the list, send messages to the email address:
              mmciflist at
We welcome your input -
The mmCIF Working Group
   Paula Fitzgerald
   Helen Berman
   Phil Bourne
   Brian McMahon
   Keith Watenpaugh
   John Westbrook
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